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Individual and Group Training


Individual Training

  • Training sessions in your home for training of basic cues such as: Sit, down, stay, leave, come.

Puppy Socialisation and Junior Classes

  • Clicker training classes using techniques based on the principles of learning theory using positive reward and communication strategies the canine way. Small class sizes demonstrating fun, easy training methods

Intermediate Classes

  • Dogs that have successfully completed the Puppy or Junior classes are invited back to continue their training. This class focuses on work around distractions, impulse control, target training, heel work and includes an introduction to agility.

Advanced Classes

  • These classes take our real training techniques into real situations. Some of the course is conducted in a private outside area to gain control around livestock and further distractions. Advanced level cue training for cues such as: sit, down, stay, leave, send-away, pick up and advanced distance cues, controlled object retrieve and mentally stimulating scent and search games. At this level owners have the opportunity to work on a cue of their choice or on specific areas of training most relevant to their lifestyle.