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Magnetic therapy

We have a full catalogue of magno-therapy products, which we will be happy to send you if you require any further information.  Please use the contact form to the right.

Some of our best selling products:

Classic Bioflow wrist magnet

This Classic Bioflow magnetic module contains a single magnet and comes with a comfortable touch-and-close woven fabric strap.  It is one of the basic magnetic therapy options that we provide.

(Available in grey or black)

£35.00 each

Bioflow Magnetic Dog Collar

`This Bioflow magnetic dog collar has a discrete magnetic module, and the collar is made from durable Nylon.  It is designed as a therapeutic device, rather than as a dog restraint.

Also available for cats.

Available in large or small.

£35.00 each. 

Biophone protector

Can help protect you against the effects of electro-pollution, and is applied directly to your mobile, or cordless phone

£35.00 each

Some of our other popular magnetic therapy products:

For pets For humans
  • Dog vest
  • Horse rug
  • Horse Tendon wraps
  • Horse boots
  • Dog toy tidy
  • Pet hair remover (lint remover)
  • Bioguard pendant
  • Crystal deodorant
  • TianTian
  • Nutriflow

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