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Behaviour Modification

  • Offering behaviour consultations for companion animals exhibiting behaviours that pose a problem for their owners.
  • Each consultation is proceeded by a visit to your vet with whom I work closely to rule out any medical reasons for the behaviour.
  • Consultations last 2-3 hours during which the motivations behind your animals problem are investigated and explanations or demonstrations are shown for the modification of the problem behaviour.
  • Following your consultation your behavioural modification report will be sent to you.
  • Free telephone support is included for two months after your consultation.
  • Usually only one consultation is required, though sometimes further sessions may be necessary.

Pees and Cues

  • Daily visiting and training service for young dogs while you are at work. I will arrive daily for a half hour to let your dog out for its pees then teach it some cues.

Puppy Purchasing Advice

  • General advice for the purchasing of your puppy., what to look for from your prospective puppies behaviour, questions to ask the breeder etc.

Holistic Therapies

  • (to be updated soon)

Pet-Owner Matching

  • General advice with regard to pet owners lifestyle and type of breed most suited.

Environmental Enrichment

  • Often important for the smaller companion animals such as; terrapins, budgies, hamsters, guinea pigs. Optimum conditions/environments suggested to most closely represent native environments and to promote natural behaviours.


  • in the field of animal behaviour and training